Emerging Stars

Identifying emerging stars is the essence of investment.

When it comes to frantic emerging markets, finding tomorrow’s winners is tricky.

At Nordea, we shed a Northern light with the results that shine.

Nordea 1 - Emerging Stars Equity Fund
  • Focuses on fundamental bottom-up analysis with a GARP (Growth At Reasonable Price) approach
  • Uses a holistic approach to find the right price of companies’ current and future growth opportunities
  • Benefits from a rigorous ESG overlay to better assess, identify and manage risk

Proven track-record of strong results in different market environments

Source (unless otherwise stated): Nordea Investment Funds S.A. and Datastream. Period under consideration (unless otherwise stated): 15.04.2011 to 31.12.2022. Launch date of the Nordea 1 – Emerging Stars Equity Fund (BI-USD): 15.04.2011. Performance calculated NAV to NAV (net of fees and Luxembourg taxes) in the currency of the respective share class, gross income and dividends reinvested, excluding initial and exit charges as per 31.12.2022. Initial and exit charges could affect the value of the performance. Performance in USD. The performance represented is historical; past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results and investors may not recover the full amount invested. The value of shares can greatly fluctuate as a result of the sub-fund’s investment policy and cannot be ensured, you could lose some or all of your invested money. If the currency of the respective share class differs from the currency of the country where the investor resides the represented performance might vary due to currency fluctuations.

Shaping tomorrow’s world. Invest in the ESG STARS.

RI products: international ESG-labels

Emerging Stars Equity Fund 1
European SRI Transparency Code1
Emerging Stars Equity Fund 2
LuxFlag ESG Label2
Emerging Stars Equity Fund 3
Towards Sustainability Label3
Emerging Stars Equity Fund 4
Label ISR4
Nordea 1 – Emerging STARS Equity Fund

1) The European SRI Transparency logo signifies that Nordea Investment Funds S.A. commits to provide accurate, adequate and timely information to enable stakeholders, in particular consumers, to understand the Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) policies and practices relating to the fund. Detailed information about the European SRI Transparency Guidelines can be found on www.eurosif.org. The Transparency Guidelines are managed by Eurosif, an independent organisation. The European SRI Transparency logo reflects the fund manager’s commitment as detailed above and should not be taken as an endorsement of any particular company, organisation or individual. 2) LuxFLAG is an international and independent non-profit association and labelling agency. To promote sustainable investing in the financial industry, LuxFLAG awards an independent and transparent label to eligible investment vehicles in Microfinance, Environment, ESG (Environment, Social, Governance), Climate Finance and Green Bonds. The objective is to reassure investors that the labelled investment vehicle invests in a responsible manner. The LuxFLAG ESG Label is valid for one year. Investors must not rely on LuxFLAG or the LuxFLAG Label with regard to investor protection issues and LuxFLAG cannot incur any liability related to financial performance or default of Nordea 1 – Emerging Stars Equity Fund, Nordea 1- Global Stars Equity Fund, Nordea 1 – European Stars Equity Fund, Nordea 1 – Nordic Stars Equity Fund, Nordea 1 – North American Stars Equity Fund.  3) We have received recognition from the Belgian Central Labelling Agency in the form of “Towards Sustainability” label. The label was launched in 2019 and it aims to instil trust and reassure potential investors that the financial product is managed with sustainability in mind and is not exposed to very unsustainable practices, without requiring of investors to do a detailed analysis themselves. For more information on the “Towards Sustainability” label, visit www.towardssustainability.be 4) Label ISR is created and supported by the French Finance Ministry. The label’s goal is to increase the visibility of SRI products among savers in France and Europe. For more information on the Label ISR, visit https://www.lelabelisr.fr/en/what-sri-label/.

Nordea Emerging Markets Equities / Nordea Fundamental Equities Team

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