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Find out how our new Global Social Empowerment Fund addresses the “S” in ESG

2nd February 2021 

Building a sustainable and resilient society has never been more important than now: the Covid-19 pandemic continues to have devastating impact on our societies and highlights the urgent need to focus more on social issues. These include access to healthcare, education and affordable housing to name a few. We can all play an important role to address these issues.

Out of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) identified by the UN in 2015, 64% are dedicated to Social Empowerment. The SDGs aim to build a future sustainable society in which people can prosper from a resourceful and protected planet, live in a more equal and fair society, and benefit from social, economical and technological innovation.

Never before has the “S” in ESG been more central to reach these aims. 

Nordea’s newly launched Nordea 1 – Global Social Empowerment Fund* turns the spotlight onto companies that can offer solutions to the growing social challenges. Get first hand insights from the PMs of the strategy, Thomas Sørensen and Olutayo Osunkunle. 

Have you missed the live webinar or would like to watch it again? 

Get ready to align your portfolio with the social SDGs to be part of a sustainable future and to create a positive impact.

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* With effect as of  25/02/2021  the sub-fund is renamed from Nordea 1 – Global Impact Fund to Nordea 1 – Global Social Empowerment Fund.


Thomas Sørensen

Portfolio Manager

Olutayo Osunkule, CFA

Portfolio Manager

Global Social Empowerment Fund

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