On 22 April 2019, as millions of people all over the world are observing Earth Day, Nordea Asset Management announced its Nordea 1 – Global Climate and Environment Fund (“the Fund”) (ISIN: LU0348926287 (BP-EUR), LU0348927095 (BI-EUR)) has surpassed 1 billion in assets under management.

The Fund is a sustainability thematic, global equity solution that seeks to benefit from a long-term global megatrend in order to generate attractive returns. An early mover in the climate change and environmental protection space, it taps into the growing universe of companies contributing to solutions to climate change and environmental degradation. As such, the Fund focuses on three main areas: resource efficiency, environmental protection and renewable energy.

We invest in structural winners,” says Henning Padberg, co-manager of the Fund. “We buy established companies that develop climate solutions which benefit clients and the environment, thereby moving the world in the right direction. More and more companies are seeking these types of solutions and this is opening up incredible investment opportunities.” For more than a decade, Padberg has managed the fund alongside Thomas Sørensen; the team follows a bottom-up, high conviction approach with most holdings outside of traditional global equity benchmarks.

“Investors and society at large are increasingly sensitive to environmental challenges,” says Christophe Girondel, Global Head of Institutional and Wholesale Distribution at Nordea Asset Management. “At the same time, they do not want to sacrifice returns. The Fund addresses this dilemma—it was designed first and foremost to provide alpha while investing into companies that use their talent and innovation to make a positive difference.”