LUXEMBOURG, LU — Nordea Asset Management (NAM) is pleased to celebrate the 5-year anniversary of Nordea Dedicated Investment Fund – European Rates Opportunity Fund (BI-EUR: LU 1997252546).

In 2019, NAM launched the award-winning* solution with the aim of generating an absolute return by capturing alpha opportunities from covered bonds and focusing on relative valuations rather than relying on directional positions. Now, five years on, NAM’s Fixed Income Rates Team, which manages the fund, has succeeded in that mission having delivered strong returns over its 5 year track recordand attracted strong interest from a range of professional investors, such as pension plans and family offices.

The actively managed fund targets the alpha opportunity within the covered bond asset class and aims to isolate that through use of government bonds and derivatives. This absolute return solution offers diversification potential to clients ready to step away from traditional long-only asset class investing.  NAM’s Fixed Income Rates Team has excelled in identifying attractive spread opportunities and applying a risk-based approach grounded in quantitative research. The team, which manages around EUR40 bn in AUM (as at 31.12.2023), has a successful track record of generating alpha in its European Covered Bond strategies since 2009, demonstrating its robust and reliable investment approach.2

At Nordea Asset Management, we’ve shaped an innovative strategy to generate absolute returns with a unique stance: staying at the highest level of the credit ladder with an active, high-conviction and leveraged approach. Exploring attractive spread opportunities is our key expertise and has been the essential driver of alpha for many years.

Henrik Stille, Lead Portfolio Manager of NAM’s European Rates Opportunity Fund and NAM’s European Covered Bond strategies 

Although covered bonds are considered a safe asset class, there are more alpha opportunities than one might expect. NAM’s European Rates Opportunity Fund taps into a highly liquid, but underinvested and inefficient market to capture alpha opportunities1. The fund invests at least two-thirds of its assets in European covered bonds or debt securities issued by public authorities, often seen as an alternative to the very high-grade government part of the market.

Building on the success of the European Rates Opportunity Fund, in Spring 2024, the team launched a UCITS-compliant fund that applies a similar approach, Nordea 1 – Global Rates Opportunity Fund (BI-EUR: LU2643719888; BP-EUR: LU2643719961), to complement this fund range and expand access to a broader base of investors.

1 There can be no warranty that an investment objective, targeted returns and results of an investment structure is achieved.

2The performance represented is historical; past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results and investors may not recover the full amount invested. The value of your investment can go up and down, and you could lose some or all of your invested money.