LUXEMBOURG, LU, 17/05/2021 — Nordea Asset Management (NAM) is pleased to celebrate the 5-year anniversary of Nordea 1 – Global Stars Equity Fund (ISIN LU0985320562 (BP-USD) / LU0985319804 (BI-USD).

Five years ago, Nordea Asset Management (NAM) launched Nordea 1 – Global Stars Equity Fund (“the Fund”), adding a new member to its successful ESG STARS family. The Nordea STARS range aims to beat the benchmark while adhering to three core ESG pillars: proven ESG integration, investment in companies that meet NAM’s ESG standards, and a clear priority on engagement. **

With more than EUR 2.2 bn in assets under management, the Nordea 1 – Global Stars Equity Fund has strong track record both against its benchmark and peer group in what has been an increasingly turbulent time for stock markets around the globe.*** The Fund has earned a host of independent European ESG labels, a testimony to the quality of its ESG approach.

Lead-Portfolio Manager Johan Swahn attributes this success to the fund’s unique investment approach which is built on the belief that companies that integrate ESG metrics into their strategic decisions will be tomorrow’s winners.***

“We include sustainability as an essential element in our ESG stock analysis and valuation. Working in tandem with our ESG analysts provides us with a better understanding of a company’s true potential when incorporating ESG considerations.”

Johan Swahn, Lead-Portfolio Manager of Nordea 1 – Global Stars Equity Fund

NAM’s ESG analysts are embedded into investment teams, participating in daily meetings, sharing ideas, and helping identify companies with robust ESG profiles. Collaboration between the teams and a strong commitment from portfolio managers allow them to develop focused investment-led engagement plans that generate value and have a real world impact.
NAM has been managing Responsible Investment solutions for over 30 years; during the last ten its ESG STARS family has grown to represent over EUR16 bn in assets under management. The range currently offers 17 strategies including equity funds covering different regions and countries, as well as corporate, high yield and sovereign bond funds.