Nordea Asset Management (NAM) is pleased to announce that the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) has appointed Eivind Lorgen, CEO and President of NAM in North America, to chair its Investor Advisory Group (IAG), a group of leading asset owners and managers committed to improving sustainability related disclosures to investors.

NAM is a founding member of the IAG, having joined as the only European-based asset manager in 2016. “Eivind Lorgen’s appointment to chair IAG is a testimony to NAM’s ongoing commitment to responsible investment,” said Nils Bolmstrand, CEO at NAM. “It is another important milestone in our ESG journey which began over 30 years ago when we launched our first sector screened funds. We are honoured that SASB has recognized our leading position in sustainable investments.”

As part of its commitment to promote increased financial ESG disclosures, NAM’s Responsible Investments (RI) team has incorporated SASB’s sector-based framework as part of it analysis on companies. The RI team leads engagements with many of NAM’s holding companies in which it demonstrates how SASB standards are used to identify and analyse material sustainability issues. “Now more than ever, ESG risks and opportunities continue to be a driving factor for many investors worldwide,” said Eivind Lorgen.

Institutional investors have an increasing need to understand how sustainability challenges impact their investments. The SASB Standards advance comparability and material ESG risk reporting across industries and empower investors to make better investment and voting decisions. Thus allowing companies to disclose information on material sustainability topics which are important to investors.

About SASB

The Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Foundation is an independent, non-profit standard setting organization that develops and maintains robust reporting standards that enable businesses around the world to identify, manage, and communicate financially material sustainability information to investors. SASB standards are evidence based, developed with broad market participation, and are designed to be cost-effective for companies and decision useful for investors. To download any of the 77 industry-specific standards, or learn more about SASB, please visit